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FaucetHub Microwallet

Easily send payments as a website/faucet owner
Instantly receive payments as a user

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin


Faucet Users

FaucetHub is a micropayment platform which allows you to receive payments from faucets/websites quickly and easily. You collect as much coins as you can, and once reaching the minimal payout threshold you will get sent those coins directly into your wallet.

There are bitcoin games on the site, Lottery & Rock Paper Scissors. You can win lots of satoshi from lottery and can earn bitcoins by playing simple Rock Paper Scissors game.

To begin you need to create an account, and then add your wallet addresses on the User Dashboard. You can now receive payouts from any website that uses this platform simply by giving them your currency address.

List of FaucetHub Faucets

  • FaucetHub Dash Faucets
  • FaucetHub Bitcoin Faucets
  • FaucetHub Litecoin Faucets
  • FaucetHub Dogecoin Faucets
  • FaucetHub Peercoin Faucets
  • FaucetHub Blackcoin Faucets
  • FaucetHub Primecoin Faucets

Faucet Owners

FaucetHub is an innovative micro-wallet designed for Faucet owners, app owners and website/service owners. A microwallet opens up the world of CryptoCurrencies to your website or app by allowing you to send Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin payments of any amount to your users with zero transaction fees. You can do PTC/surveys/offers and get bitcoin into your account and deposit directly in your faucet with 0 fee/charge.

  • You do not need to host your own wallet
  • You do not need to pay transaction fees (only a small deposit % fee)
  • Instantly pay users to their account on our platform (no need for network confirmations as transactions are internal)
  • Central 'hub' to manage all your faucets & websites
  • Easy and fast API integration

While the platform's primary use is micropayments, any amount can be sent to a user. This makes the platform ideal for any website where users get paid or rewarded and do not need to make any kind of deposit.

FaucetHub Features

  • Multi-Currency Payments
  • Easy to use API
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • On-site Chat
  • Advanced Security
  • SSL Ready
  • Enhanced Statistics

FaucetHub is operated by Faucet Gaming Network, the owners of FaucetGame.com, PokeBits.com, GameFaucet.com and BlockFaucet.com among others. You can communicate with faucet owners, faucet users even with Mexicantarget himself through the global chat room included there.

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